Crystals and Laser Elements

Titanium Doped Sapphire (Ti:Sa) and Forsterite crystals are the most effective and reliable mediums for tunable laser action in visible and mid-red-IR spectral ranges pumping by Nd: YAG Lasers.


Laser Elements Specification

Chemical Formula Sapphire Al2O3:Ti3+
Size Up to 10x10x60 mm
End configuration Flat/flat or Brewster/Brewster
Figure of merit α532800>100
Max natural absorption coefficient at pump frequency α532 up to 4.0 cm-1
Flatness λ/10@633 nm
Parallelism 10 arc.sec.
Surface quality 10-20 scratch/dig


Potassium Titanyl Phosphate (KTP) and Beta-Barium Borate (BBO) Crystals

KTP Optical Properties

Transmitting range: 350÷4400 nm

Refractive indices:

λ, nm nx ny nz
1064 1.7377 1.7453 1.8297
532 1.7780 1.7886 1.8887


BBO Optical Properties

Transmitting range: 189÷3500 nm

Refractive indices:

λ, nm ne no
1064 1.5425 1.6551
532 1.5555 1.6749
266 1.6146 1.7571
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