ND Mounted Filters, Set of 11 pcs

Mounted Absorbtive ND (neutral density) Filters, Dia of mounting 25.4 mm, CA=19 mm

* Spectrally Flat from 300 to 3000 nm (see ND filter curvatures)
* Homogebeous Glass: Blocks by absorbtion
* Light/Exposure Control For Imaging

Neutral Densiti filters appear grey in color and reduce the amount of light reaching the CCD camera. Since the transmission value only varies over a small percent in the visible, there is no effect on color balance. Instead of just stopping down the lens aperture due to high light levels, ND filters allow the for wider apertures which can be used to decrease the depth of field. This allows the important information to be separated from the background. Compared to polarizing filters, Nd filters are ideal for overall light reduction in cases of extreme light intensity. By stacking filters, it is possible to achieve other Optical Density (O.D.) values. All mounted filters can be threated together with identical male and female threads an each mount. Optical Density exhibits an additive relationship; for example, stacking filters with O.D. values of 0.6 and 0.9 yields a resultant density of 1.5. The optical density is related to the transmission by the following equation:T=10-Dx100= percent transmission.


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