Laser Beam Visualizers

Laser beam Vizualizers are designed for conversion of invisible near IR and UV radiation of pulsed and CW lasers in visible spectral range.

UVIRV model of Vizualizer is intended for visualization of IR and UV coherent and incoherent radiation both from laser and other type-light sources. Vizualizer requires no electrical power supply. It is an ecologically-safe ceramic tablet made of rare-earth element compounds.

Visualizer provides luminescent conversion of the invisible IR and UV light to the red one, the dependence of the luminescent emission intensity on the visualized light intensity being nonlinear.

IRV model of Vizualizer is designed for conversion near IR radiation of pulsed and CW lasers in visible green light. The material of visualizer is special ceramic with anti-stokes luminophores.

IRV-Q tunable Q-switch laser visualizer is designed for conversion near IR radiation of pulsed lasers in visible radiation of second harmonic.

The material of visualiser is organic polycrystals that provides conversion of Q-switched and mode-locked laser in visible light of SH.

UV-B model are designed for conversion UV radiation less than 266 nm in visible blue light. The material of UV-B is a special ceramic with organic luminophores.

Spectral range (absorption band), nm 850÷1090 850÷1400 ≤266 750÷1090
Emission light color green Green-deep red blue red
Threshold sensitivity, W/cm2 0.02 0.1 0.02 0.02
Allowable average density, W/cm2 0.02-400 - 0.02-400 0.02-400
Operational aperture, mm 35 35 35 35



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